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Staging your home for sale? New home not ready yet? Need temporary storage? Midtown Moving & Storage is the top rated moving & Storage company in Atlanta, GA. Equipped with smart warehouse tracking, your belongings are safe with us. 24/7 security storage and unlimited space, we make sure your storage needs are taken care of. Our climate-controlled warehouse is a full service storage for all your belongings.

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Atlanta Full Sevice Storage

Our Atlanta moving and storage can make a stressful move easier! Storing your items with a moving company can be very beneficial. You won’t be able to access your belongings however, you benefit from greater security, flexibility to overcome logistical challenges of a move, and a door-to-door service.

Our Atlanta full-service storage company understand the struggle of getting a unit and storing items yourself. That’s why we take the pain out of it and do it for you. Our Storage options can be very easy and straightforward with month to month pricing. Understanding your options for temporary or short-term storage are important to make sure your belongings are protected.

  • Vaulted storage in Atlanta is a popular solution for household storage. Your belongings are securely loaded in a personal wooden vault which is sealed and stacked in a climate controlled storage warehouse.
  • Palletized storage is a good option for storing large items like sectionals. Belongings are stored on a pallet on a rack or floor.
  • Container storage is a cost-effective solution. A storage container can be delivered to your home for loading or loaded on-site. It’s stored securely at the warehouse and delivered to your home for unloading when needed.

No matter which Atlanta storage option you choose, you can benefit from trained movers who handle the pickup, loading, storage, delivery, and unloading for you.

Atlanta Climate Controlled Storage

Our Atlanta Movers will take care of every single one of your belongings. Our climate controlled warehouse is equipped to handle every item you make need stored. Atlanta Climate Controlled Storage is our Speciality. Our Atlanta Moving and Storage Company will make sure all items are properly secured and stored to ensure no damages and an easy load and unload experience. 

Storage Company in Atlanta can be hard to find. We can take the stress away by providing you a seamless transition while you home isn’t ready. No matter the problem you’re facing we can assist by utilizing our Atlanta Climate Controlled Storage. 

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Atlanta's Best Storage Company

Are you stressed about Moving? Do you need storage while moving? Midtown Moving can offer you a seamless storage opportunity by storing items for you! We offer many different services with your Atlanta storage.

Midtown Moving is one of the top rated Moving & Storage Companies in Atlanta, GA. Storing your belongings doesn’t have to be a chore. Call us today to find out why our Climate Controlled Atlanta Storage is the best in Georgia!

Storage in Atlanta is tracked by our great software that allows us to monitor and keep your belongings safe. We are the best storage company in Atlanta and can offer you the best storage solution to your move.

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Customer Reviews

"Blake and Connor (and team) love what they do and it shows. They took great care of us and catered to our request to come out twice to evaluate our load. For me personally, moving is the most stressful experience. We had a short time frame to get out of our house and downsize. We needed a quick quote based on what we had and another after a big estate sale that reduced our load. We had 3 companies’ quotes and were so impressed with not only the rate we received, but the professionalism, work ethic and care they took. Never seen a group of guys so happy to be working (and that was hard work) and felt like they treated our furniture like it was their own. You won’t regret choosing Midtown Moving."
Ashley Miller
"Midtown Moving moved our family locally a couple of weeks ago. They arrived early and stayed until the very last thing was moved - even through a terrible thunderstorm. They worked hard and their attitudes were great the entire day. In a fourteen hour day, they only took to what amounted to about an hour’s worth of breaks total. They were upfront with pricing and we felt that their pricing was extremely reasonable. They were fast and efficient, while treating our belongings like they were their own. We didn’t have a single incident of a broken item or scuffed up wall or floor. We highly recommend Midtown Moving!!"
Dave & Tara Dorsey
"If you need an outstanding moving company look no further! These guys are on time, dependable, and work harder than anyone you have ever seen. Can’t tell you what a challenge it was to find the right company to move us after living in a house for 17 years. We had a mover across the state and it was a big move. Got several quotes and these guys were the best. Then comes the biggest question… would they get it done and without issue. The answer is …YES!! Not only did they get it done they did it with such a great attitude and and level of professionalism it made me really glad we chose them for the move. Would hire them again in a heartbeat. Save some money and let these guys move you. You will be glad you did."
Tommy M.

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