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Long Distance Moving

Moving Companies in Atlanta can offer services of long distance moving. Long Distance moving is described as moving out-of-state. Our Movers in Atlanta come prepared to adequately prepare your home for your long distance move. Our Out of state movers come prepared to take care of you and your items. 

To best prepare, and get your full service, insured move, we highly recommend utilizing our packing service. This makes sure that items inside your boxes are insured therefore if there are any damages we can properly take care of you. If you do the packing, we cannot help with the damages done to the contents of the box. Midtown Moving is the Best Long Distance Moving Company in Atlanta and will get your home packed the right way to help ensure your items stay safe.

What comes with hiring Professional atlanta movers?

Movers in Atlanta will come prepared with the proper materials. Such materials are: Moving Blankets, Wrap, Tape, Boxes, Mattress Bags, Tool Kits, Straps, Parts Box, Dollies, etc. Midtown Moving comes with Professional Movers that take great care in the packing, loading, and unpacking of your items. 

All of your items will stay organized in the truck and be labeled for the room it came out of. Staying Organized is the most important part of distance moving. Atlanta Moving Companies will make sure to stay organized and be prepared for the arrival at your new home.

Our equipment will properly aid in the movement of your items. Our trucks, dollies, straps, harnesses, surfers, wrap, etc is what makes our company useful for your move. Our Professional Movers in Atlanta will take care of all the heavy lifting and aid you in the organization of your new home.

What Does Long Distance Atlanta Movers Cost?

Your move that is over 50 miles will be given a flate amount. This amount is what you will pay at the end of the move. Your binded total will be given to you during your quote process. Our Atlanta Movers require an on-site estimate to take place in order to give you the binded total. This helps us accurately quote and prepare for your move.

Long Distance Moving in Atlanta is based on two factors. The contents being shipped and how far the second destination is from the origin.Long Distance Moving Companies in Atlanta like Midtown Moving will come prepared and make sure your binded amount is accurate.

Top-Rated Atlanta Movers

When you move with Midtown Moving, you become family. Our moves, we treat you like one.  We are on your team to help achieve the same goal. Midtown Moving is one of the top rated Moving Companies in Georgia thanks to our 4.9 star rating.

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Other Moving Services

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Local Moving

For any move within 50 miles from the Start to End destinations, we charge by the hour plus an additional Service Fee that covers gas, materials, etc.

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In order to proper insure your items inside boxes, we highly encourage customer to utilize our packing services. We also offer unpacking to help eliminate the tedious stressful work for you. Pricing is based by the hour plus an items fee that covers all materials for the pack.

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Junk Removal

Nothing is too big or too small for us to handle. Pricing depends on the item.

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